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LIKES: music (almost all of it), violin, cello, dancing, singing, reading, walking, talking, food, magazines, radios, clothes, cool kid cars, milk, cherry soda, AEROSMITH, Frank Sinatra, family, true friends (haven't found many sadly...), THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS , Adam Vinatieri, soda, movies, real people, musically talented people, football, baseball, volleyball,

DISLIKES: fake people, wanna-be's, people who act for attension, people who act like a bitch to me but act wicked sweet to EVERYONE else, braces, upper-classmen who think they are so much better than freshmen (becasue when you think that, you really arn't), bad play calls, rediculously expensive clothing, suisidal people,

MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE: All the adivce I give, I try to make the best... just love as many as you can, and listen to your enemies... if you have confidence it brings it to others... be thankful for what you have... <3


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Note how good you feel after you have encouraged someone else. No other argument is necessary to suggest that never miss the opportunity to give encouragement
--George Adams

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Nov 16, 2003
Yall just need to smile!

Morning yall! ahh, this weekend has had its ups and downs...

I went to see the play I really wanted to be in: "Dancing at Lughnasa" It was sooo good! The actors in it were so great and I really wish I could've been in it... even more exciting.. can't wait for the musical! yea babii!

so schools pretty good... and my guy issues, surpirzingly I haven't liked anyone for real at all this year. and also, surprisingly, I don't mind! hah all you kno I always have crushes on ppl... but they're all not usually real... anyways...

yall have a good day adn comment... thanks your sweethearts

*Lynne Marie*

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Nov 12, 2003

Who is Lauren Elizabeth Wlliams? Is it but a beautiful soul put into a gorgeous human?

oh no... it's so much more!

OH GOD LAUREN! your so cute and i love you to death! hah, silly goose!


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Nov 11, 2003
hmm, la-la-la!

wow it's been weeks. Sorry guys! anywhoo, schools been pretty 'nifty' (meaning good and ok) and my life isn't so bad right now. Starting to think of buying Christmas presents for me greddy family... HAH jk! I love you guys!

Ya know, I really need to find time when I can really give detailed entries... just deal with it cuties.


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Oct 27, 2003
wow... life has its ups and downs... rite now, my life si prolly an up!


that's all I gotta say. word. Live life to the fullest and never forget... anything

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Oct 13, 2003
just an ordinary day... just trying to get by

go to and check out the toons

they're too much! the sqirl is so great!
thanks guys...

wishing *peace*love*happiness*

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Oct 11, 2003
woopa for SPIRIT WEEK!

It's 12;30 and I'm still in my pjs... you gotta love saturdays!

anywhoo, nothing good is going on today... so yes have a good day yall!

stay away from drugs and alcohol (remember Sara?)

*Lynney Poo*

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Oct 9, 2003
wtf is up with thursdays... so good yet they suck ass too

so let me try typing up this story again that I can highly relate to...

actually, heres the majority of it, it's so long so I'm not writing the whole thing:

this girl wolf named Sonya meets a boy wolf named Roger. they fall in love and have a great relationship. then Roger gets lost while looking for food and runs away. Sonya sends messages from wolf to wolf to him and starts to send lesser and lesser messages because he said he met another girl wolf. Sonya meets another boy wolf named Jackson and falls in love with him. Sonya starts to talk to Roger again and is beginning to get confused to who she really loves...


anywhoo, today was interesting. it was just a normal day: the sister ignores me and acts like im an embaressment and she doesnt want to be seen in public with me(too bad you have a year full of that), orchestra was uh, boring for once, teeth hurt like a mofo-er, I actually understood geometry, PMS-ed at adrienne (but she'll get over it), found out i complain so much that I can't find one true friend, talked to nick for maybe a second, found out girls are so.. the worst people on earth, and other exciting things... comment you foos


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Oct 8, 2003

WTF! I just made the best entry and my computer decided to ex-out the window... DAMMIT! GOOOOOOOOD

I'll put itin here asap tho

**Lynney Poo**

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Miercolas! woopa!

OK! maybe I can keep this layout and crap-ey like that...

anywhoo, I'm up to no good procrastinating with my hw and stuff... this moring was sad

I'll explain when I'm not so lazy in another entry.... word

**Lynney Poo**

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